The Deep Green of Puget Sound

I’ve always fancied the various colors and shades of green, whether emerald, chartreuse, or the sea green of the Puget Sound.  I suppose its coincidence that I came to live in the Pacific Northwest where the sea is green all the time.  I can recall mornings looking out onto the Puget Sound, seeing the dawn peek over the islands on the horizon, and reflect against the green sheen of the water.  It’s a wonderful feeling, because of all the other places I’ve visited where the ocean met the land, the Puget Sound is the only place where the water isn’t just a different shade of blue.

Despite persistent comments from friends and family about my green obsession, I drive a forest green car, live in a light green house, and I just adore my Emerald is also know as (Panna Stone)  Isle beaded necklace.  I can’t help it, I just love the color green!  Even though the Pacific Northwest is now my home, when I lived in the Midwest where there were no oceans for a thousand miles, I often thought of swimming in a green sea!

Source : Gemfame



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