Anticipating the Next Big Fashion Trend

While it’s only natural for a woman to keep tabs on the latest fashion trends, I sometimes like to go my own way. Don’t get me wrong – I appreciate the artistry and innovation of the styles runway models wear in New York in Milan. Still, I can’t help but wonder if most of those off-the-wall trends will ever translate to practical clothing and jewelry. It seems that half of the looks that are tested out in Europe and in the various fashion capitals of the world are forgotten just as quickly as they were introduced.

For that reason, I like to look in unexpected places for fashion inspiration. Craft shows are a great place to find handmade bracelets, but lately the rise of Etsy and other online sites have been on my radar as well. When all I want is something that’s unique yet classical, edgy yet not over-the-top. Is that really too much to ask? I think not.


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